Challenges for Fresher in Current Job Market

Challenges in the Job Market

I have met hundreds of freshers & college going final year students so far during the training sessions & observed that jobs availability is secondary problem. A mix of personality traits with appropriate knowledge & skills is causing a tough situation and posing a challenge for Freshers in Job Market.

Job Market

Quick emergence of private sectors in India has given enormous opportunities to Indian youths in employment. But the country is witnessing a huge number of educated people from professional & humanity courses with no job in hand.

Freshers & college going final year students are the one who is facing many challenges during the job hunt. Challenges are not ordinary & natural but developed in the last few years due to the change in needs of industries.

Here are a few undeniable challenges which must be understood before proceeding further for career development-

The industry doesn’t Recognise to the formal degree but the job skills

It is a natural business principle for the corporate to select & employ the skilled & talented resources in the organisation from the very first day.  Corporates don’t ignore the freshers but the degree they hold. They know that most of the college education is not going to help fresher to perform the role in the company.

Job for Freshers

On other hand, Freshers are equally clueless about the skills which corporate seek, they would have acquired in case of right awareness. That’s why our teams always try to connect with freshers or Institutes and train them on currently required skills by Industries.

Learning of Corporate Essentials is unavailable in a cost-effective manner

Most of the freshers & college going students have a different perception of corporate requirements to secure a good job. They keep on preparing bare minimum questions & answers of interviews whereas employers seek a strong attitude & great job skills in the candidate.

Job Skills

There are many corporate essentials which are not the part of our formal education system. Some of the essentials are related to basic technical knowledge, personality traits, Interpersonal Skills & attitude. We must participate one such training at least once a year to groom ourself.

There are plenty of avenues available for such learning but at high charges, please reach out to us to discuss the solution of such a scenario.

The dilemma of Pattern to follow

Fundamental dilemma is to follow the college study & books or practical life skills. The gape is so huge that candidates are unable to figure out the right path of career development.

Confused Fresher

This confusion is popped up due to the way of dealing by corporates Vs academic faculties. In many cases, candidates opt the easier path due to less awareness of corporate need and land to low growth jobs. Only very few candidates understand the choice pattern of employers and they succeed in a career very fast.

All the above points are indicating only one thing that superior attitude & right kind of skill development can lead to a great career. We must not sit around thinking that freshers can’t get a good job but must prepare ourselves to get trained in the right manner and begin the fantastic career.

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