Job Oriented Training for Students

First, let us understand the challenges students they are facing while entering into the job market-

Challenges faced by Students & Institutes

Students pursuing the non-professional degree like BA, B.Com, B.Sc. & much more, don’t have enough jobs in the market which are related to their degree. More difficulty is being faced by students with a professional degree like B.Tech, MBA & MCA, who have invested huge money with almost no return in terms of career building.

On other hand, institutes are investing great effort & money to nurture their students but unable to attract corporate for campus placement due to their perception on employability issue. This situation ends up with low placement ratio in the institute.

One more reason is that Industry is updating itself very fast as compare to course curriculum imposed by regulatory bodies on Institutes, which is increasing the gap in demand & supply of skill set. This is widening the gap between what is learned and what is required in the current job market.

As per the feedback from various institutes they are bound to face such a situation due to poor quality intake which is the result of the poor academic background of students. But neither institute nor students need to suffer this gap but to overcome by extended skill development & training programs.

It is not true that corporates have reservation recruiting & selecting the college-going freshers but they have apprehension on employability skills & attitude of students which compel them to step up with caution. Based on the professional experience we have discovered that the corporate environment is very dynamic in nature and demand of skills also changes as per new technological & business environment.

Our job-oriented student training programs are designed for Fresher & college going students to ensure the best career

We are delivering onsite training at institutes premises to make students ready for the jobs so that they can get the placement just after their studies.

We know that plenty of jobs for freshers are available in the market but students are unable to grab one because of the gap between learned courses & demanded skills. A recent study has revealed that students from the professional stream like Management also hold the weak record on employability.

Job for Fresher training

However, institutes are trying the best to educate the student within regulators boundary but some time unable to impart hands-on training to their students on updated industrial skills. Nowadays employers are least interested in visiting the Campus for Placements because of their perception on a low level of employability. As per the corporate assessment, 93% Management Graduates are not employable.

Because of low placement record, there has been the crisis in new admissions in institutes. This is increasing the cost of Marketing and putting pressure to save the cost in various operational aspects. Consistently declining figures of admission also attract the attention of regulatory bodies and these authorities deal with institutes strictly on underutilized seats. This factor is dampening the growth of institutes.

In such scenario continuous skill development by various short & long-term training programs, the student can be prepared ready for obtaining the job even before completing the study. Students need a guided training program to grab the opportunity during the final months of the studies.

IILD team prepares college going students for corporate jobs by various training courses that are particularly designed based on industry need.

Student Training

We bridge the gap by intensive training and developing competence needed for a great job. Our training helps students to cultivate practical and efficient skillsets required in the industry. We train them with complete knowledge and skills that students require while working in any organization.

Student Job Placement training

We ensure that students should not only be trained in technical skills but also the soft skill so that when students enter the corporate arena, they are able to efficiently identify various issues and come out with the best possible solutions to tackle them through their practical knowledge & skillsets.

Various specialized training modules are conducted during weekdays & weekend classes in institutes based on a mutually planned schedule with Institute & students.

Once technical & soft skill training is completed in the institute, we also guide them cracking the interviews successfully and become the first choice for employers.

IILD is offering the skill development program to transform the lives of students to establish the stepping stone in professional life, has been prepared after thoughtful exercise of many years done by senior professionals. We have analyzed the current needs of employers and demanded skills.

Data Analysis training


All modules will be run in organised & planned manner. Modules & training plans will be customised as per the requirements of students & institutes.

IILD welcomes Students & Institutes to enquire for detailed presentation & demo sessions.