Marketing & Branding Management Training

Despite studying the complete academic course & project work, students need to keep up with the skills required to perform marketing operations.

Marketing Planning Training

Students fail to obtain the job in marketing functions due to disparity realized by corporate executives when they discuss practical aspects with the candidates and find them conceptually strong but weak on analysis & market understanding.

This module will ensure that students meet the expectation of corporates when they are selected for the core marketing & branding assignment. Here are the following aspects of this training-

  1. Understanding the various matrices of Marketing functions
  2. Drafting of Marketing Plans as per organisational requirement
  3. Skills to deal with vendors participating in marketing operations
  4. Performance Evaluation of Marketing assignments
  5. Channel Promotion tactics
  6. Pricing & Discounting methods with real application in marketing
  7. Branding Operations & Evaluation techniques
  8. CRM Training
  9. Product Management Training